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1.We love Spain for all the good things that unite us, and they are represented in this drawing, which draws inspiration from traditional ceramic painting and vintage style tattoos.
2.A good party has to have food and music. And that's how, by joining the two, the Vinyl Sardine emerged. With a "B side", that refers to Bordallo, and an "A side". It also has BP Records tattooed, initials that obviously refer to the Bordallo Pinheiro label.
3.Life should be lived like a fairy tale, with a rebellious spirit and without fear. In spite of these modern times, life still requires courage and inspiration from all the women who face abuse and harassment. These victories are represented by this Little Red Hood, striding confident, tattooed and fearless, after conquering and slashing her greatest enemy and ready to confront any “big bad wolves” that come her way.
4.Zé Povinho is now a superhero. After having courageously faced the austerity policies, the interference of Troika and the corruption scandals, behold our Zé is still standing. Standing tall, he shows courage and perseverance and is ready to face all tempests with a sole purpose: to succeed. Super Zé, who is alive inside each one of us, resists, persists and never gives up.
5.For people who travel and love to personalize their suitcases, this sardine will bring happy memories. It has an old-fashioned appearance but with a modern touch that turns it into a unique and exotic suitcase.
6.We wander the cobbled streets... and she comes up to us. Between friends, smokes and laughter, she remains. We bring her with us, and her unique aroma is unforgettable!
7.How long has it been since you last mailed a letter? This Sardine evokes the nostalgia of a gesture that we’re losing nowadays, while highlighting the importance of perpetuating our traditions.
8.This sardine results from the exploration of different elements evocative of Lisbon’s festivals. It associates our gastronomy as the central element of these celebrations, which also take place at table, on the alleys and narrow streets of Lisbon.
9.This sardine was inspired by the following concept: if you had to dress sardines for the city’s festivals, what would they look like? The answer is this suggestion, in which jeans dominate (with the details of the pockets’ seams defining its physiognomy), over fun, striped socks evoking Chapitô performing arts school and its neighborhood feel.
10.This is a tribute to the beautiful Portuguese coast that allows for such good sunbathing, but above all to the lovingly peculiar Portuguese people – who love to sunbathe and go to the beach taking along everything you can possibly think of, filling the sand with all colors!
11.Nice Chiquita from Martinica/ dresses herself with a banana skin/ doesn’t wear a dress, doesn’t wear shorts/ winter is midsummer for her/ existentialist quite rightly/ Moves only as her heart commands.
12.The theme detox comes up at the most popular time of the year for eating sardines. It’s around then that blenders are most used for making detox smoothies, with fruit, vegetables and mushrooms. The celery leaves provide the shape of the tail, and the carrot with chamomile flower embellishes the head and eyes.
13.This sardine warns of the damaging effects of plastic on the environment, namely the oceans. Defending the environment is everyone's responsibility, in everything we do, in everything we are in the world we live in. It's important that we think, every day, about how we can be more responsible.
14.This Sardine in his black gown likes to work and play hard. He is defiantly top of his class! When he is not studying and collecting the colourful university ribbons she likes nothing better than play Fado de Coimbra with his “Guitar” late into the night. This sardine presents the youthfulness, energy and romance that is unique to this city.
15.The true Lisbon dwellers have seen their cars decorated with beautiful striped yellow ribbons. During the Popular Saints' Festivals, they’re always there. The city dresses up for the festivities... and all its cars too.
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