Bordallo Pinheiro

Sardine - Abstract

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1. This sardine represents the Spanish woman. A modern interpretation that combines a characteristic element of fashion (simultaneously classic and contemporary) with a nod to the dedication required by handcrafted work.
2.A sardine that reflects the contagious joy of the Popular Saints’ festivities, inspired by the work of Andy Warhol, who used bright and diverse colours to represent the impersonality of objects and celebrities, bringing art closer to everyday life. Portuguese tradition is pop too.
3.The sardine is skin for Ljubomir Stanisic, part of who he is. This was what bound him to Portugal. Written inside this Bordallo sardine are some of the tattoos that Hugo Makarov has drawn on his skin over the last 15 years, illustrating his life from infancy in Bosnia to the family raised in Portugal. There is blood, sweat and tears in these paintings.
4.This sardine is inspired by the Lisbon that Gisela sees: luminous, fresh, unburdened, joyful, a female city, a woman. Hence the pure crisp white, and also the hearts, because it's a city that, for all these reasons, invites her to love life.
5.Art is everywhere.
6.Wrapping the sardine in lace creates a strange beauty, which nevertheless has already been seen in the creations of a famous Portuguese artist. This sardine is also almost a metaphor for the natural beauty of Being, highlighted, or even overshadowed, by an artificial layer.
7.The Constellation sardine Has the soul of an artist Has the guts Optimistic Salero; Boasting cheerful bright colours Wandering across Lisbon In love with such beautiful light That echoes throughout the city
8.This sardine evokes a 3000-year-old ritual, celebrated today in various Central American countries. This celebration honors the memory of the locals’ ancestors. Colorfully adorned Skulls are its most expressive symbol. They represent death and rebirth. The turban emphasizes the relationship between cultures, and is a direct reference to Chakall.
9.Leaves play an important role for Bordallo Pinheiro, and they include common plants from our countries and more exotic and original leaves. A vast collection of pieces with surprising and joyful shapes and sizes.
10.Bartina is a surfer sardine that dreams of swimming in the warm waters of Mexico. It has fire in its soul but is also very aware of the fragility of life. It’s a Portuguese sardine, but with “salero”.
11.The new multicolored print, which intertwines stripes, colors and Agatha’s own iconography, will easily make this sardine the queen of all the seas.
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